Moritz (sinistres) wrote in cuteanimalsonly,

Do you speak dinosaur?

A few quick icons for everyone.
I haven't done this in a while so.

You can credit if you want lol idrc.
Tags: graphics, icons
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I'd steal this one if I had the icon space ;~; ty for your effort and talent xoxo
np, ty <3

Deleted comment

thank you!
oh, migoshhhh. These are adorable.
thank you!
Y'all, I really need something exciting to go on with K$ right now. It's Saturday night and I'm bored!!!!


December 2 2012, 06:11:25 UTC 4 years ago Edited:  December 2 2012, 06:11:39 UTC

ikr but i gotta say working on artwork for your portfolio while listening to warrior is the ultimate way to get shit done

cause that's all i've been doing
I seriously bet it is!!!
those are lovely!!
thank you!
saving all of them, ty!
thank you!

flawless icon btw omg
took one thx! OMG I lahv it!
thank you!